Batch Transfer

A tool that has been introduced to help users save on gas fees, and make NFT transfers a lot more convenient.

With traditional bulk transferring of NFTs, users are required to transfer each individual NFT manually. This process is a tedious one, having to repeat the same steps. Not only that, gas fees have to be paid with each transaction and users will have to wait for the transactions to go through. This takes up a lot of time, effort and most importantly, gas fees.

With Batch Transfer, a user can now transfer up to 100 NFTs to an address in 1 single transaction. To ensure that this process is a safe one, the validity of the receiver's address is verified before the transfer takes place.

Here's a brief on how this bulk transfer can be conducted.

  1. Click on 'Batch Transfer' on the profile page.
  1. Select the NFTs to be transferred.
  1. Transfer Summary and Approval

This page displays the list of NFTs that are to be transferred and indicates both the sender and recipient's address.

  1. A page will be available for users to check on their transfer progress
  1. Once the transfer has been completed, a feedback will pop up to inform the user that their transfer has been successful.

With this tool, users no longer have to spend excessively on gas fees, and will be able to maximize their profits.