An out-of-the-box NFT trading aggregator solution for business.

What is GoTrading?

GoTrading is an open-source development kit that enables you to build your own NFT trading aggregator and marketplace. The SDK provides a comprehensive set of tools and APIs that greatly simplify the development process of a general trading aggregator like or, and allows developers to access real-time order feed and NFT transaction data. With the SDK, you can easily aggregate orders and functionality from mainstream marketplaces such as Opensea, Looksrare, Blur, x2y2, Sudoswap, etc, all in your products and communities.


What can I do with GoTrading?

Here are a few typical scenarios. If you're building one or more of these, GoTrading will help you complete development quickly and efficiently.

  • Marketplace Aggregator. The SDK can be used to create a trading aggregator in your app with meager dev costs. We implement our aggregated orderbook based on Reservoir Protocol, and provide high-level functions to help you to build your unified interface for retrieving listing data, bulk buying&listing NFTs, and selling NFTs instantly(accept bids) across all mainstream marketplaces, such as Opensea, Looksrare, Blur, x2y2, Sudoswap, etc.

  • Social Trading Network. The SDK can be used to create a social network that allows users to showcase their unique assets to other users, negotiate prices, and trade NFTs with each other seamlessly. Customers can browse and select their preferred NFTs and proceed to purchase them directly.

How can GoTrading help me with building my apps?

The GoTrading SDK provides the following features

  • Marketplace Integration. The SDK supports trading on multiple NFT marketplaces, allowing developers to build applications that can access information from mainstream marketplaces such as Opensea, Looksrare, Blur, x2y2, Sudoswap, etc. simultaneously.

  • Wallet Integration. The SDK supports the integration of wallets, enabling developers to build applications that can interact with users' wallets and manage their NFTs.

  • Customizable configuration. The SDK allows developers to customize the subscription usage, such as the rate and request, to optimize the performance of their applications. Also, you can change your platform royalty at any rate.

When can I use GoTrading SDK?

We have released a beta version, which allows you to implement the complete NFT purchase process, including accessing aggregated orderbook, and bulk buying&listings. Additionally, if your platform wants to charge transaction fees, we can assist you in customizing the rate.

By the end of April 2023, in addition to the features of the beta version, you will be able to place bulk listings, bids, and instant sales across marketplaces using GoTrading SDK.

By the end of June 2023, you can build your own orderbook as a single marketplace with a customizable trading fee, and integrate with the existing aggregated orderbook, with a meager dev cost.

Contact Us

If you want to apply for the beta version, or have any questions, issues, or feedback, please fill the form, or drop us a message on our Discord for the SDK.