How to find insights from trending collections?

Every once in a while, some collections will gain popularity and impact the market performance in various ways. For example, ill poop it nft and ShitBeast influenced the market to enter the "postmodernism" stage. It is worth analyzing these collections and their trends. The question is, how can you find relevant data to analyze and come up with persuasive insights? Let's dive in.

Once you find a trending collection, you can check the collection page on, which provides a holistic view of key relevant metrics. By looking at the Market Cap & Volume graph, you will get an overview of how this collection performs from time to time. A trending collection usually has peaks in its market cap and trading volume in the short term. The floor price trend is also worth analyzing as it indicates how the market reacts to the collection during a period. Similarly, the liquidity and holders trends also explain the market reactions towards the project. When analyzing, you can combine the market-side information to find some insights.


Market Cap & Volume, Price Trends on


Liquidity & Holders Trends on

Another major metric to analyze is the holder as they are the main factor that influences the potential of the collection. Among various holders, blue chip holders and whales are major components that can influence the potential of a collection. Figuring out the number and percentage of them in a collection helps you understand the consumer behaviors and predict the future trend.


Blue Chip Potential on

You may also be curious to see how long people tend to hold NFTs in the collection, and how many NFTs each of them owns. The holding amount distribution and holding period distribution are your go-to charts. They indicate how healthy and stable the collection is and help you predict the future trends of this type of collection.


Holding Amount & Holding Period Distributions on

*Note: the above example does not constitute any investment advice.