Questions and Answers

What is the source of NFTGO data?

NFTGO uses a self-developed stable blockchain data collection engine to obtain the latest on-chain transaction data from the blockchain and parses it into readable NFT transaction and market data.

How to purchase NFT on NFTGO?

Currently, NFTGO does not provide a direct purchase function, but you can find a navigation link to the asset purchase page on NFTGO.
In the future, NFTGO will try to introduce both NFT aggregated transactions and NFT SWAP to help increase NFT liquidity.

Why can't an asset or project be searched on NFTGO?

To ensure that the data provided by NFTGO can truly reflect NFT market trends, as well as help users discover high-quality, reliable project assets, NFTGO has set up strict inclusion standard to screen NFT projects across the network.

How can my project be included in NFTGO?

Please refer to the listing criteria.

Can you introduce how NFTGO aggregates and presents data?

Comprehensiveness and visualization are two main features of NFTGO. NFTGO uses a self-developed stable blockchain data collection engine to obtain the latest on-chain transaction data from the blockchain and parses it into readable NFT transaction and market data.
Users can gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends, and optimize their NFT purchase and investment decisions through the NFTGO platform. The latest data on NFT Markets, including Market Cap, Total Volume, Total Transaction, and the number of NFTs and their holders, especially, the respective trends in the past 24 hours, will all be presented to users in the form of easy-to-read charts.

How does NFTGO generate revenue? What is the profit model?

NFTGO's profit model revolves around contributing value to the NFT industry, and is divided into three sections: traffic revenue, data service revenue, and open API revenue.
We will provide users with high-quality advertising services and channel services to help NFT project parties accurately acquire customers; at the same time, we will open higher-end data services for users to help users better obtain the latest NFT market trends; in addition, we also It will provide developers with API and oracle services, and provide the latest value of NFT for a variety of business scenarios.

How can users track the latest news of the platform?

NFTGO has its own Twitter account, and has also established its own community. Following our social accounts and joining our community are both great ways to learn about and participate in our project.
We welcome users to follow our social media accounts, where the latest news about NFT, special articles and news of benefits will be posted in real time. Users will not only be able to get a comprehensive understanding of our product, but will also have a deep and unique insight into the NFT market.
We are big believers in the community, I think in the NFT market if you want to succeed, you have to make sure your community is strong, active and vibrant. We have our own community and multiple media channels, hoping to attract new users and participants constantly.

What is the future plan of NFTGO wallet? How to distinguish it from other NFT wallets?

Our web-side product has a rudimentary NFT light wallet, and you can view the NFT holdings of any address. At the end of the year, we will also introduce functions such as monitoring the address of the whale, tracking the flow of funds, and tracking transaction behavior.
In the future, we will also launch developer-friendly NFT wallet middleware to help digital currency wallets and the Metaverse project to better integrate NFTGO wallet solutions.

What do you think of the future of NFTGO ? Do you believe it will become a thriving project 5 years later? If so, what are the steps you are going to take to make this happen?”

The NFTGO team believes that we will not only be around for a long period of time, but that we will be quite successful in our mission. We have a long term plan and as long as NFTs exist, we plan to be the leaders of this industry.
First of all, we rely heavily on the product itself because we believe that if we can solve the problems which the market has we will be able to gain many users and generate great traction. Since our product will be able to solve the essential problems related to liquidity, price discovery, issuance, and overall transparency —— we will effectively find our spot under the Sun! Having a quality product is our main priority, and we believe it should be first for all founders as well.
Second, the community ecosystem is a major point in our mission and equally as important as the product itself. When building a product, you must make sure that you have a loyal community and core user base. This core group provides valuable feedback, and gives voice to things that should be done and changed within the product's workings. We are big believers in a community driven product, so we want every member of the community to become a user of the product at hand. NFTGO will be open minded, generous in terms of rewards for active participation, and most importantly will be implementing those changes and new features depending on popular demand.

At present, NFTGO only has access to ETH projects. What is the plan for multi-chain deployment in the future?

We are actively communicating with public blockchain project parties. In the next step, we will continue to support powerful public blockchains such as Flow and BSC.
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