NFT API: Increased the maximum value for 'limit' field

[January 16, 2023]
For all the endpoints including the 'limit' field in the Query Parameters, the maximum limit has increased from 20 to 50. The 'limit' indicates the size of a returned data segment.

This update will affect the following endpoints,

Standard APIs

  • Retrieve address's portfolio
  • Retrieve collection transaction history
  • Retrieve NFT Transaction history
  • Retrieve recent activities of an address
  • Retrieve collection ranking
  • Retrieve NFT ranking
  • Retrieve top mints leaderboard
  • Retrieve all items of an NFT collection
  • Retrieve marketplace leaderboard

Pro APIs
【Pro】Retrieve address's portfolio by collection
【Pro】Retrieve filtered items of an NFT collection
【Pro】Retrieve holders' information about a collection
【Pro】Retrieve all holders' addresses about a collection
*【Pro】Retrieve whale ranking