Data API: Breaking Changes for ‘Retrieve collection transaction history’ and ‘Retrieve recent activities of an address’

[February 23, 2023]
Retrieve collection transaction history

Data API: 7 New Endpoints for Pro & Custom Plan Users

[February 23, 2023]
Added support for charts on NFT holders and traders. Enhanced the marketplace with advanced charting features for improved transparency and analysis of NFT market activity. Users can now track holder trends, holding period, avg price, floor depth, top sales, etc. over time

Website: Marked Passive Mint Activities and Optimized Related Functions

[January 22, 2023]
Mark passive mint activities and support filtering
Some collection creators mint NFTs to influencers' addresses to take advantage of their impact, which could mislead users. NFTGo marked this kind of mints and provided an 'Only mints by Owners' filter to enable users to filter out those 'Mint' activities minted to another wallet address. The functions affected by this change include:

Website: Released 'Account Setting' Feature

[January 20, 2023]
Released 'Account Setting' Feature, which can be accessed through the 'Settings.' This feature enables users to link their Twitter account, Discord ID, and email address.

Website: Added 'Trending' Function

[January 20, 2023]
Added 'Trending' page, which can be accessed under the 'Discover' tab of the navigation bar. The 'Trending' function enables the user to sort the number of sales in a given time interval, from 5 min to 24h.

Data API: Increased the maximum value for 'limit' field

[January 16, 2023]
For all the endpoints including the 'limit' field in the Query Parameters, the maximum limit has increased from 20 to 50. The 'limit' indicates the size of a returned data segment.

Website: Added Trait-Filter to Collection Pro-Trade Page

[December 12, 2022]
Added trait-filter to pro-trade

Data API: 'Retrieve Address's Metrics' Endpoint Update

[December 31, 2022]
The fields 'holding_value' and 'est_holding_value' of Retrieve Address's Metrics have been replaced with a new field 'portfolio_value', which means the sum of the latest valuation of the NFTs held at a specific address. In addition, some parameters have been added or replaced with more accurate names.

Extension: Refinements and Additions to Twitter Extension V2

[December 28, 2022]
Update of Wallet Portfolio Indexes

Website: Improvements to Shopping Cart

[December 12, 2022]
Added auto-refresh function to shopping cart