Website: Refined NFT Estimated Value and Related Metrics

[December 8, 2022]
Since NFT Estimated Value is related to collection liquidity, NFTGo further refines the calculation of NFT Estimated Value according to the difference of collection liquidity, thus providing users with more accurate NFT Estimated Value and portfolio PNL estimation.

Website: Added New Data Metrics to Portfolio and Leaderboard Tables

[November 22, 2022]
Added Sales Data to Portfolio

Website: Optimized User Experience for Watchlist and Search Bar

[November 22, 2022]
Added Watchlist entrance in account pull-down list

Data API: New Endpoint 'Retrieve Address’s Collections'

[November 17, 2022]
Name: Retrieve address’s collections
Endpoint: /eth/v1/address/{address}/collection
Info: Return portfolio collection information given an Ethereum address.

Data API: New Endpoint 'Search Collection by Name'

[November 17, 2022]
Name: Search collection by name
Endpoint: /eth/v1/collection/name/{keywords}
Info: Return basic collection information by searching collection name. Fuzzy matching is supported.