Website: Shopping Cart

[December 12, 2022]
Added auto-refresh function to shopping cart

The manual refresh button has been removed. The shopping cart will be auto-refreshed every 5 seconds when it is opened.

Added NFT status in shopping cart

NFTs that are suspicious or pending transactions will be indicated in the shopping cart.

Added option to skip suspicious & NFTs undergoing transactions

Users can choose to skip the following NFTs by checking the relevant settings:

  • Suspicious NFTs
  • NFTs undergoing purchases: This will prevent the users from losing gas fees to failed transactions

Added option to re-add NFTs from failed transactions

For NFTs that were not purchased due to a failed transaction, users can add them back into their shopping cart with just one simple click.

Changed shopping cart to sidebar style.

With a sidebar style shopping cart, users are able to keep tabs on their shopping cart while scrolling through the site and discovering other NFTs.

Added automatic retrieval of NFT with lowest price (ERC721)

The following only applies for ERC721.

In order to allow for users to get the lowest possible price for the NFT, the listing with a lower price in the same marketplace will be automatically updated. Should there be a lower priced NFT in another marketplace, the user will be prompted with a pop-up window, alerting them.