Website: Added Offer Data

[Jul 11, 2023]
Added Offer Data


NFTGo has introduced the "Offer Activity" feature, which allows users to stay informed about market trends and track both their own offers and offers made by others.

Offer Activities

Users can now find all relevant offer activity information on the following pages: Collection/Activity, NFT Page/Activities, Profile/Activity, and Watchlist/Activity.

Offer Data on Collection Level

On the Top Collections page, users can now find the Best Offer data and its corresponding change rate for each collection. Additionally, on the Collection/Info page, users can explore the Best Offer data for a particular collection.

Offer Data on NFT Level

In the NFT List View, users can easily access the relevant Best Offer data. Furthermore, this data is also available on the Collection/Buy NFTs, Profile, Watchlist/NFTs pages, the NFT popup, and the top section of the NFT details page.