How to Trade with Blur Orders?

Trading with Blur Orders is distinct from other orders due to its unique mechanism and workflow. Blur Orders necessitate that the EOA signs an authentication message just once for all subsequent trading operations.

To incorporate the Blur Order trading feature into your product, it's essential to integrate both the GetBlurAuthChange API and GetBlurAuth API. After this integration, you should pass the blur auth to the extra_args parameter of the NFT trading APIs.

To obtain the EOA's blur auth, please follow the instructions below.

Note: You can use to let EOA sign the message.

Why can't I collect marketplace fees in addition to Blur Orders?

In order to collect marketplace fees, our system utilizes the aggregator contract. During the order fulfillment process, the transaction is first directed to the aggregator contract, which then calls upon the corresponding marketplace contract to complete the order fulfillment.

However, there is a limitation with the Blur contract. It restricts any third-party aggregator contract from invoking it, with the exception for the Blur Aggregator Contract. This limitation hinders the functionality of collecting marketplace fees on top of Blur orders.