Build a NFT detailed page

This guide will enable you to create an NFT detailed page using the NFTGo API.

About the NFT detailed page

On the NFT detailed page, you can display various components such as basic information like traits, the best listing, the best offer, and price history. Additionally, you can showcase the listings, offers, and activities related to the NFT as you like. The image below shows a detailed page.


  • Kindly take some time to grasp the core concepts of business, it's vital to the integration.
  • Your API Key is prepared, make sure you have access to the endpoints. Get your API key here.

Best Practice

Display NFT detailed info

Using this API [Get metrics by NFT] to get metrics of the NFT, including sale number, price, owners, holding time, etc.

Display Offer Feed

Using this API [Get Offers Feed By NFT] to get all offer orders that the NFT can fulfill, including collection offer, trait offer, and token offer.

Display listings

Using this API [Get Orders By NFT], you can get all listing orders by using the 'order type' query parameter.

Display activities of NFT

Using this API [Get NFT Transaction history], you can get all the activities of the NFT.