GoTrading Overview

GoTrading: Your Gateway to NFT Marketplace Innovation

GoTrading stands as the pinnacle of NFT trading solutions, offering a robust and state-of-the-art platform that empowers developers to craft their very own NFT marketplaces or aggregators. To create a thriving NFT marketplace, one must have a deep understanding of decentralized contracts, order protocols, and deep insights about the intricacies of NFT ecosystem and business.

GoTrading consolidates NFT orders from various marketplaces, offering a comprehensive market overview. Our platform provides essential trading features and allows you to create a personalized order book tailored to your specific needs. You can focus on growing your business rather than building everything from scratch, and there is no need for extensive knowledge or associated risks.

Our ultimate goal is enable you to swiftly set up your own NFT marketplace or aggregator, and implement complete trading functionalities seamlessly into your Dapps in just one single week.

Core Features

Marketplace- Listing NFTs
- Make NFTs Offer
- Bulk Buy NFTs (Fulfill Listings)
- Bulk Sell NFTs (Fulfill Offers)
- Cancel Listings & Offers
- Post Listings & Offers
- Collect and Customize Marketplace Fee
Query Orders- By Contract
- By NFT
- By Maker/Wallet
- By OrderId
Advanced Features- NFT Best Listing
- NFT Best Offer
- Instant Sell

Business Opportunities

Discover the numerous avenues to revolutionize your business and trading strategies with GoTrading. Harness the power of GoTrading to build a distinctive NFT marketplace, equipped with user-friendly features and tools that facilitate smooth transactions. Customize interfaces to resonate with your brand’s personality, creating a unique space for traders to buy, sell, and explore NFT assets. Our platform empowers you to venture into various sectors, including:

Establish Your Independent NFT Collection Marketplace

Step up as an NFT creator and establish your very own NFT collection marketplace with GoTrading. This approach not only secures your creator earnings but also substantially lowers the trading costs for your NFT traders/holders, as the elimination of intermediary marketplace fees means more profitable transactions. Furthermore, by hosting your marketplace, you foster a direct and stronger connection with your community, offering them a personalized and immersive trading experience, while ensuring a greater portion of profits flows back to you and your community.

GameFi In-Game NFT Marketplace

Venture into the flourishing realm of GameFi with GoTrading. Develop an in-game NFT marketplace where players can trade, purchase, or sell assets seamlessly, enhancing the gaming experience with an integrated, secure, and efficient trading platform.

Crypto Wallets with Integrated NFT Trading

Leap ahead in the crypto space by integrating NFT trading functionalities into your crypto wallets. GoTrading facilitates a seamless integration process, allowing users to manage and trade NFT assets directly from their wallets, creating a unified, user-friendly experience.

NFT Market Maker

Empower your business strategy by utilizing GoTrading to develop robust trading tools and strategies as an NFT market maker. Our platform offers the necessary resources and features to create intelligent market-making strategies, fostering growth and innovation in the NFT marketplace.

How to integrate GoTrading?

To successfully integrate GoTrading into your system, consider following the guides below based on your specific needs and scenario:

Supported Chains & Marketplaces

GoTrading facilitates multi-platform NFT trading, empowering developers to access data from popular marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, Blur, x2y2, SudoSwap, and more. We're continually expanding our footprint in the Ethereum ecosystem and have plans to support additional chains and marketplaces in the future.

Supported Chains


Supported Marketplaces

Below is the listing of third-party order books that are collected in GoTrading.

MarketplaceCreate ListingsFulfill ListingsCreate OffersFulfill OffersCancel Listings/OffersProtocol

Note: For OpenSea token offers, only offer price >= 80% of the collection floor price is allowed.

GitHub Link

Our GoTrading SDK is open source on Github:

Start Using GoTrading

GoTrading is now open to use. You will be able to directly use GoTrading to place one-click and batch order purchases across marketplaces. Furthermore, we will optimize the platform based on feedback from users during the beta release period.

  • To apply for access to aggregated order book, sign up and get API keys via developer platform.
  • To apply for access to your own order book, please kindly fill out this form, one of our sales representatives will contact you in 24hrs.