NFT model

The NFTGo API returns NFT data in a standard format. Here are the fields included in the response (or as a list of NFT objects).

blockchainstringName of the blockchain
collection_namestringName of the collection
collection_slugstringNFTGo Slug of the collection
collection_opensea_slugstringOpensea Slug of the collection
contract_addressstringContract address of the collection
token_idstringToken ID of the NFT
namestringName of the NFT
descriptionstringDescription of the NFT
imagestringUrl or base64 data of image or video associated with the NFT
animation_urlstringUrl of animation associated with the NFT
owner_addresses[string]List of owner addresses currently holding the NFT.A list of one address if it's an ERC721 NFT. A list of addresses if it's an ERC1155 NFT.
traits[Trait]List of NFT traits. Traits consist of a series of types and values, referring to the feature of an NFT. For example, if a project has avatar NFTs, the traits may include headwear, facial traits, clothes, etc. Traits make each item in an NFT collection unique and determine its rarity in a collection.
rarityRarityNFT Rarity score
suspiciousbooleanWhether the NFT is an suspicious item, suspicious NFTs are not tradable on OpenSea