Compute Units

To ensure more reasonable pricing for our services, we utilize "compute units" (CU) to describe the cost for each API on NFTGo, as the cost can vary significantly across different APIs. Your charges will be based on the volume of CUs consumed.

What are Compute Units?

Compute units are a measurement of the total compute resources utilized by your application on NFTGo. It can be likened to how you pay for AWS compute usage on Amazon. Some queries are lightweight and execute quickly (e.g., Get latest block number), while others may be more resource-intensive (e.g., Get all NFTs by account). Each API method is assigned a specific number of compute units based on the average duration and various complex factors (such as compute, memory, disk, and network resources).

Why use Compute Units?

We are dedicated to providing a developer-friendly experience on our NFTGo platform, and this extends to our pricing structure. Compute unit pricing enables us to offer fair and transparent pricing to developers. No more paying excessively for simple requests – you only pay for what you actually use.

For a breakdown of the costs associated with each API endpoint, please refer to the Compute Unit Costs. This will give you a clear understanding of the pricing details and help you estimate the costs based on your usage.

Compute Unit Costs


Collection API

Address API

NFT Trading API

Pricing API

API EndpointCU(s)CU(s) Additional
Get estimated Price10000
Get estimated Price(bulk)10001000 CUs per NFT
Get trait weights by collection100100

Chart API

History API

Market&Ranking API

Metadata API

API EndpointCU(s)CU(s) Additional
Refresh NFT metadata1010 CUs per NFT


Receive Notification10