Build a Gallery page

This guide will enable you to create an NFT Gallery page using the NFTGo API.

What is gallery?

An NFT marketplace gallery page serves as a user interface for your users to buy and sell NFTs on your marketplace. Gallery is the most common component in an NFT trading scenario, the image below shows a gallery page.


  • Kindly take some time to grasp the core concepts of business, it's vital to the integration.
  • Your API Key is prepared, make sure you have access to the endpoints. Get your API key here.

Best Practice

Normally there are 3 main functions for a gallery, NFTs display, filter to display specific group of NFT, and buy NFTs.

Display NFTs

  • Using this API [Get NFTs by collection] to retrieve all the NFTs info under the collection, and display the NFT details, including best listing and best offer.
  • Using the API [Batch Get NFT Best Listing] to display and access the best listing order of each NFT.


We can separate the filter function into several different points. You can support each function by the following process.


Check 'Enable buy, list, and offer' to implement buy function.