NFTGo Developer Platform provides comprehensive, reliable, and powerful NFT API and SDKs for all communities, institutions, dapps, DAO organizations, and individual developers. You can easily access a series of ERC721 and ERC1155 protocol NFT token-related information such as metadata, holders, prices, transactions, etc. without setting up your own nodes and developing code, and completing bulk trading of NFT through GoTrading. In addition, we provide a wealth of indicators and historical data to help you quickly analyze and make smart decisions.

The current(v1.1) APIs only support Ethereum. If you are looking for multi-chain API, please check out V2 Multichain API documentation.

Currently, we provide the following categories of API endpoints:

  • NFT&Collection API: Comprehensive NFT and collection data for all your needs.
  • Wallet API: Track NFT portfolio, profit&loss and other key metrics.
  • Order&Trading API: Listing and offer data feed, bulk buy and sell NFTs.
  • Analytics API: Charts, advanced metrics and rankings.
  • Transaction History API: Full historical NFT transaction data points.
  • NFT Pricing API: Provide real-time and stable estimated price for every single NFT.

Start your NFT journey with us!

We welcome you to build and explore the NFT ecosystem with NFTGo. Sign up and experience our data services today!

  1. Register on NFTGo Developers and log in
  2. Obtain your private key through Dashboard
  3. Access our interface services through your private key, details can be found in API Reference
  4. You can view Pricing and choose the package plan that best suits your needs


To start exploring the NFTGo API, you need to sign up for an API key. here.
Using your API key, you can make requests to the NFTGo API by sending the API key as a header in your request. Below is an example:

curl https://data-api.nftgo.io/<your-request-url> -H X-API-KEY:<YOUR-API-KEY>

All requests should be prefixed with https://data-api.nftgo.io/ .

Rate limit

Currently, we have a rate limit of 5 requests per second (5RPS) for a free trial. You can upgrade your plan here.