Collection model

The NFTGo API returns information on the collection an NFT is associated with. The following are the fields included for the collection model (appearing inline as a field on the NFT model). Currently the NFTGo API includes collections found on NFTGo.

blockchainstringName of the blockchain
namestringName of collection
slugstringA slug is generated from a collection name by applying lower-case to all letters in the collection name and replacing all spaces with a '-'
opensea_slugstringOpensea slug is generated from the corresponding opensea url link
descriptionstringDescription of collection
official_website_urlstring(uri)Official website url of collection
opensea_urlstringOpensea url of collection
logostringLogo url or base64 encoded data of a collection
contracts[string]List of contract addresses which belong to a collection
contract_typestringType of contract: ERC721 or ERC1155
categories[string]List of categories
discord_urlstringDiscord url of a collection
instagram_urlstringInstagram url of a collection
twitter_urlstringTwitter url of a collection
telegram_urlstringTelegram url of a collection
has_raritybooleanWhether the collection has rarity rankings
last_updatedintegerLast updated timestamp in seconds