Use Cases

GoPricing can be used in various use cases of NFTs.

Portfolio Estimation

Through wallet apps like Metamask, users usually want to know an accurate estimation for their NFT holdings. This is where real-time price estimation comes in handy. The market often uses collection floor price to estimate each NFT's pricing, but it is not accurate. Now, GoPricing, based on machine learning and advanced models, can solve this problem precisely and provide accurate pricing in real time. You can easily bridge it through our pricing API.

NFT Market Value Estimation

When calculating macro indicators such as the current NFT collection market value, almost all NFTs are estimated at the floor price of each NFT, which is inaccurate. With the help of GoPricing's accurate and real-time pricing, it is possible to better estimate the market size of NFT collections and the overall market size of NFTs and calculate more macro NFT indicators. You can easily bridge it through our pricing API.

NFT Asset Management

NFT asset management is inseparable from accurate asset pricing for each NFT. Any investment process for NFT needs to grasp the real-time value change of each NFT. With our API enabled, you can easily find solutions to help your asset management journey.

NFT Quantitative Trading

At present, NFT quantitative arbitrage is anchored by the floor price, and the arbitrage is concentrated around the floor price, so the liquidity of the entire NFT collection has not been fully activated. Arbitrage for each NFT can effectively increase the liquidity of rare NFTs. Since the value anchoring of rare NFTs is usually not clear, there will be many pending orders in the market whose prices are lower than their reasonable pricing. With the help of GoPricing, this brings opportunities for NFT arbitrage at prices near non-floor prices.



NFT AMM is an important way to increase NFT liquidity. The existing NFT AMM does not actually improve the liquidity of NFTs. There are two main reasons: one is that NFTs have not been fragmented, and the other important reason is that there is no way to accurately price each NFT. Also, rare NFTs are not traded, and all traded NFTs are concentrated near the floor price. However, accurate real-time pricing of NFTs can solve this problem to a certain extent.

NFT Index Fund

Many funds want to invest in NFTs, but due to their unfamiliarity with the specific market and unwillingness to study individual projects, investing in NFT index funds is an attractive alternative. Establishing an NFT index fund, however, relies on the real-time and accurate pricing of NFTs.

NFT Lending Protocol

NFT assets, especially blue-chip NFTs, will often have a need for loans due to the relatively large amount of funds. This requires using GoPricing to provide accurate real-time pricing. GoPricing's second-level NFT pricing can be more flexibly changed according to changes in the floor price, providing flexible prices for NFT lending projects.