What is GoTrading?

GoTrading is a progressive, open-source solution that empowers developers to construct their own NFT marketplaces or NFT aggregators (platforms that display orders from other marketplaces) complete with all essential trading functions. Our goal is to enable a developer to build a fully functional marketplace/aggregator within just one day.

Supported Chains & Marketplaces

GoTrading facilitates multi-platform NFT trading, empowering developers to access data from popular marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, Blur, x2y2, SudoSwap, and more. We're continually expanding our footprint in the Ethereum ecosystem and have plans to support additional chains and marketplaces in the future.

Supported Marketplaces

The aggregated orderbooks that GoTrading utilizes are based on the Reservoir Protocol. Therefore, we ultimately plan to support all the marketplaces that Reservoir supports. However, our priority is to ensure usability, security, and stability in the application layer.

Core Features

The GoTrading SDK provides the following features:

  • Real-time Order Feeds: Receive live updates about each NFT as it's listed for sale, along with other pertinent information. This real-time data is crucial for professional traders as it enables them to make informed decisions by providing immediate insight into market activity
  • Bulk Buy&Sweep: The ability to acquire multiple specific NFTs in a single transaction, or to sweep the market by purchasing all available units of a particular collection across various price points, is a powerful tool for complete acquisition. This capability is especially beneficial for traders or investors aiming to rapidly amass a number of NFTs for their diverse portfolio, or to monopolize a specific type of NFT in the market.
  • Accept Offer&Make Offer: Enhance your trading efficiency with the ability to make and accept offers across a multitude of marketplaces globally, all within one platform. This streamlined approach empowers your traders to leverage their NFT portfolio and generate profit without the necessity of scouring information from multiple marketplace websites.
  • Bulk Listing: Unleash the full potential of your NFT collection with the ability to list multiple assets across diverse marketplaces simultaneously. This feature not only simplifies the listing process but also expands your reach and potential buyer base, maximizing the visibility of your NFTs and increasing the opportunities for successful transactions.
  • Self-built Orderbook Integration: Establish a tailored trading experience with the integration of a self-built orderbook. This feature allows you to create and maintain a personalized record of all NFT listings and offers, ensuring efficient trade management across multiple marketplaces. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to add customized trading business logic as per your needs, offering an even higher level of personalization. With this tool, you gain a comprehensive overview of your trading activity, facilitating strategic decision-making and potential profit maximization.
  • Customizable Fee: Enjoy the freedom of setting your own transaction fees with our customizable fee feature. This enables you to tailor the fee structure to suit your business model, potentially optimizing your revenue stream or enhancing the attractiveness of your platform to users. In an industry where fee structures can significantly impact trading behaviors, having the flexibility to customize your fees can provide a distinct competitive advantage.

Use Cases

Here are several typical scenarios where the GoTrading SDK can be an instrumental asset. If you're developing any of these, our SDK can expedite your development process, ensuring efficiency and robust performance:

  1. Marketplace Aggregator. You could use the GoTrading SDK to create an application that enables users to browse, buy and sell NFTs across multiple marketplaces, such as OpenSea, Blur, LooksRare, X2Y2, and SudoSwap. This application could provide a consolidated and unified interface for accessing listing data, purchasing NFTs, and managing users' portfolios across various platforms.
  2. Automated&Quantitative Trading. The GoTrading SDK could be harnessed to construct a bot that automatically acquires NFTs based on predefined criteria, such as price, rarity, or trading volume. The bot could utilize the SDK's market data and analysis tools to pinpoint opportunities and execute trades across several platforms.
  3. Self-built Marketplace. Whether you're looking to establish a niche marketplace or a broad-spectrum platform, our SDK can simplify the listing and buying process of NFTs, making your marketplace more attractive to users.
  4. Market Maker. As a market maker aiming to provide liquidity and stabilize prices, you could leverage our SDK's bulk buying and listing capabilities to manage your operations across multiple NFT marketplaces efficiently.
  5. Social Trading Network. You can integrate the GoTrading SDK to create a social network that allows users to share their NFT portfolios and trading strategies with others. The network could offer tools for following and copying other users' trades, as well as providing a community forum for discussing NFT-related topics.

Start Using GoTrading

GoTrading is now open to use. You will be able to directly use GoTrading to place one-click and batch order purchases across marketplaces. Furthermore, we will optimize the platform based on feedback from users during the beta release period.
To apply for access please kindly fill out this form, one of our sales representatives will contact you in 24hrs.