Activity Analytics

Collection Activity feed displays all of the activities that took place in the collection, this helps the user to examine in detail what is happening in a particular collection. The key metrics on this page includes:

  • Item
  • Action
  • Price
  • From which address the activity came
  • To which address the activity went
  • Gas(show USD price in tooltip) used in this activity
  • Date(show detailed time point in tooltip) when this activity took place

Furthermore, the collection activity feed allows users to do various advanced filters including:

  • filter to show activities during a specific time frame
  • filter to show activities happened in specific marketplaces
  • filter to show activities generated by specific address labels including Whale, Bluechip Holder and Twitter Influencer
  • filter to show certain types of activities including sale, deal, list, offer, collection offer, transfer, mint, burn
  • filter to show addresses with/without contracts, the default setting is to show addresses including contracts
  • filter out all wash-trading activities
  • For 'Mint' Activities, some collection creators may mint NFTs to influencers' addresses to take advantage of their impact, which could mislead users. NFTGo provides a 'Only mints by Owners' filter to enable users to filter out those 'Mint' activities which are minted to another wallet address.
  • Only show NFTFi Activities