NFTGo.io is a leading all-in-one NFT aggregation platform that enables our community to analyze NFT market data and make transactions. NFTGo.io offers a set of powerful tools and features, including real-time NFT Market Analytics, Trading Aggregator, Developers API, Rarity Model, Top Mints, Whale Tracking, Watchlist, Twitter Extension, Drops calendar, and many more to help our community discover, analyze, trade, and track their portfolio. The platform serves 500+ institutional customers, 1000+ communities, and 1M+ retail users worldwide.

NFTGo.io aims to be the gateway into the NFT ecosystem and takes pride in making Web3 data accessible to the masses. Empowered by a high-performing data engine, NFTGo.io has built a solid foundation to deliver the most seamless NFT experience through real-time analytics, alpha insights, and the best trading aggregator.

An overview of our key features and ecosystem products can be found here.

Why Did We Start NFTGo.io? 🤔 🤔

Starting as NFT enthusiasts, none of the NFT analytics nor aggregator tools met our standards. With the necessary tools, making educated and good investment/trading decisions become increasingly more accessible as we need accurate data. Thus, we set out to create our tool.

Some of the critical problems we faced and that we are looking to solve are:

  • Difficulty in assessing the true value of NFT collections and assets
  • Lack of accurate NFT specific information makes it difficult to make good investment decisions.
  • Extremely overwhelming to keep up-to-date and filter through projects to select promising ones.
  • Transactions are negatively affected by poor liquidity and high gas fees.

With the above pain points in mind, we launched NFTGo.io in September 2021. With accurate real-time data about the NFT market, we not only address the above problems but also aim to allow our users to gain an edge in the market.

NFTGo.io's mission revolves around empowering our users' NFT journey through:

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • The Best Aggregator
  • Alpha Insights
  • Robust Data API

We look forward to being the go-to destination for users to learn about NFTs and discover the space.

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