Marketplace Ranking


With this feature, users are able to find the marketplace with the most trading activity. This can be observed from multiple metrics:

  • Trading Volume
  • Number of Sales
  • Number of Traders
  • Number of Buyers
  • Number of Sellers

Wash Trading Filter

Wash trading is a form of market manipulation where an individual simultaneously buys and sells the same NFT. This creates artificial activity in the market which will create a misleading perception, attracting users to buy the NFT as they misunderstand the artificial activity as market interest.

Wash trading filter is a very useful feature incorporated that will allow users to view much more accurate data, after removing the activity attributed to wash trading. Users can choose whether to turn on the wash trading filter as shown below.


Before Turning On Wash Trading Filter

As apparent from the figure below, the trading size on marketplaces differs significantly after the wash trading filter has been turned on. When the wash trading filter is off, the 2nd and 3rd rank for marketplace trading size was X2Y2 and LooksRare respectively. However, once the wash trading filter has been turned on, the 2nd and 3rd rank becomes Blur and X2Y2 respectively.


After Turning On Wash Trading Filter