Top Collections

The top NFT collections are listed on this page. The key metrics shown on this page by default include that of:

  • Trading Volume
  • Floor Price
  • Number of Sales
  • Market Cap
  • 7D Trading Volume Chart
  • 7D Floor Price Chart
  • Number of Whales Holders
  • Number of Blue Chip Holders

Users are able to choose the timeframe that they are interested in. From there, they can discover the top collections by sorting them according to their desired metric, be it volume, floor price, or market cap.

Metrics Customization

Given that users have their preference as to the particular metric they wish to look at, a customization element has been incorporated into the Top Collections. This allows users to evaluate collections to the best of their capabilities.

Users can track this page to see what are the top collections, and from there, continue using NFTGo's tools and features to look more into the collection. There is also a wash trade filter incorporated which will remove the trades suspected for wash trading, making the data more accurate.