How to Find NFT Research Resources?

In the ever-changing NFT market landscape, it is often difficult for users to keep up with the changes. NFTGo Research aims to help users stay ahead of the game with their research and strive towards improving the user research experience with a user-centric interface, providing high-quality research content on a weekly basis.

NFTGo aims to provide value to all users, be it newcomers or experienced NFT traders. Hence, we have curated content specific to each user base to suit their needs, particularly

  • Insights: For seasoned traders
  • NFT 101: For beginners
  • Reports: For the broader market
    Users of different backgrounds can thus toggle to what suits them the best.


With the NFT space moving so rapidly all the time, we strive to keep users updated on the happenings, alongside some of our analysis and project comparisons for users to have a deeper understanding. More importantly, this will help users discover alpha and stay ahead of the game.


NFT 101

With NFT 101, NFTGo is looking to help beginners enter into the NFT space seamlessly through education. With articles such as 'How to Buy NFTs' and many others, users will be able to start participating in the NFT markets straight away, without having to go through the stage of sourcing for information. Should users have any questions regarding the research or purchase process, they can easily revolve these uncertainties with NFTGo's articles.



Given the novelty of the Web3 space, innovations are a constant for the space. With NFTGo's reports, we consolidate all the major updates and key events that occurred within the NFT space, giving users an overview of how the landscape has changed over time. This reduces the chances of users missing out on certain events or updates, keeping updated with the market situation.



NFTGo Research aims to simplify research for our users, while ensuring they stay ahead of the market. Certain topics covered include:

  • Macro Market Analysis
  • Trending Project Analysis
  • Latest Industry Hype
  • User Behavior Analysis

and a lot more!