Listing Criteria

The listing of NFT collections at NFTGo is an autonomous process. This is to ensure that the data provided by NFTGo is factual and an accurate reflection of the NFT market trends.

Currently, NFTGo provides access to NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. We are looking to expand to multi-chain support in the future.

Automatic Listing Requirements

NFTGo lists new collections automatically and in real-time. NFTGo will detect the collection's trading volume, number of sales and contract status. If the collection meets NFTGo's listing criteria, NFTGo will automatically list it.

What Circumstances will Delist My Project?

  • Malicious Acts: Spamming of NFT, data forgery, and leaving backdoors in the contract code will be flagged
  • The project has ceased operation and NFT data resources are inaccessible


NFTGo, as a third party, objectively provides NFT-related data indicators for the included NFT projects and does not provide any investment advice. The final interpretation of the above listing criteria belongs to NFTGo.