Hot Mints

For users that are looking to mint certain NFT collections, they can refer to this page to monitor the mint performance and snipe the best opportunity before anyone else. The key metrics shown on this page includes the following:

  • Number of Mints
  • Notable Minters
  • Unique Minters
  • Mint Price
  • Total Mints
  • Mint Trend
  • Number of Sales
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Index

Furthermore, some collection creators may mint NFTs to influencers' addresses to take advantage of their impact, which could mislead users. NFTGo provides a 'Only mints by Owners' filter to enable users to filter out those 'Mint' activities which are minted to another wallet address.

Notable Minters

Notable Minters refers to the number of Whales and Blue Chip Holders that have minted from the collection. As the retail market tends to follow whales signals, having a large number of whales mint from the collection could be a sign that the collection is worth minting, and that there will be demand for the collection.

Unique Minters

The number and percentage of Unique Minters are shown on the page. This depicts the total amount of interest there is for the collection. If a collection only has a small number of Unique Minters, this shows that the market might not have that much interest in the collection, and will likely result in a falling floor price.

Mint Trend

The Mint Trend gives users a graphic representation of the number of mints across time. This will allow users to keep up-to-date with the minting process.

FOMO Index

The FOMO index is based on the number of mint activities of the collection within the last 15 minutes, with the following criterias:

  • None: 0
  • Medium: 51 - 100
  • High: 100+

A higher FOMO index indicates a large number of mint activities, translating to users taking interest in the collection. Thus, with a surge in demand for the collection, it could indicate a rise in floor price.

Customization of Metrics

Similar to that of 'Top Collections', users are also able to customize the specific metrics they would like to include onto the board. This will provide for a cleaner interface, specific to the users' needs.