Trending collections are those with great amounts of sales in specific time intervals. A real-time 'Trending' dashboard showing the trending collections can help advanced traders to discover hot collections and profit from short-term trading/flipping.

NFTGo 'Trending' page is under the 'Discover' function, which is a real-time dashboard sorted by the number of sales in a given time interval, and supports time intervals as short as 5 min. The key metrics shown on this page include:

  • Floor Price
  • Volume
  • Sales
  • Holders (and unique holder ratio)
  • Listed%
  • 7D Trading Volume Chart

In addition, you can also use the trending function directly from the homepage, as shown below. But if you want to see more trending collections or data within shorter time intervals, you need to click on the 'view more' tab to go to the above-mentioned 'Trending' dashboard.