Whales Signals

With millions of dollars invested into NFTs, whales are considered as the most influential players in the market. The prices of NFT collections are often heavily influenced by the trading choices of these whales. For example, if they decide to sweep the floor, meaning to say, buy a large number of NFTs off the floor price, the collection will have a higher floor price, benefiting the NFT holders should they be looking to sell. Vice versa, should whales decide to sell off a large number of their NFTs within the collection, the surge of supply would likely result in a drop in floor price.

NFTGo define whales as an address that has at least $1,000,000 worth of NFTs in their wallet. By following whales' activities, often times users will be able to discover certain collections they are buying into at a faster rate as compared to the broader market. This serves as alpha and increases the chances of users buying into collections before the collection catches the market's attention and the floor price rises. Similarly, if huge selling volume is detected from these whale wallets, users can also follow suite and sell their holdings before the floor price tanks.

The question here would be how do users track whales' activities, what can users infer from their actions, and how do users derive effect NFT investment/trading activities. NFTGo has section to feature whales' activities, in terms of the collections bought and minted.

Whales Bought

This section identifies the collections that had the most amount of whale activity within. This comes from a few metrics.

Whales (30D)

This refers to the number of whales who have bought into the collection within 30 days. Should users identify that a collection high in terms of the number of whales that participate in, there is often a higher opportunity for the collection to perform well. Hence, users can consider researching more into the collection.


The number of NFTs within the collection bought by whales. Should this figure be much larger than the number of whales that bought into the collection, it could be reflective of the whales' confidence in the collection to perform well, thus their choice to buy up a large quantity.

Whale Volume

This transaction volume is an indication of whale activity within the collection.


This section also gives users a brief overview of the collection before they dive deep into research. This is achieved by the following metrics in the dashboard:

  • Total Volume (30D)
  • Floor Price
  • Average Price (30D)
  • Market Cap

Whales Minted

This feature ranks collections according to the number of whales they have minted the collection. Metrics includes:

  • Number of Mints by Whales
  • Total Mints
  • Notable Minters
  • Unique Minters
  • Mint Trend

All of the above metrics are aimed at allowing users to have a gauge as to the collection's popularity.


The above does not constitute as financial advice. It should also be noted that whales are in a position where they can afford losses and thus ape into collections more often. Do perform your own due diligence before buying into a particular collection.