What is NFTGo.io?

NFTGo.io is an NFT data aggregator that enables users to analyze the NFT market by housing a wide range of analytic tools and features, including NFT market trend and analytics, NFT search engine ranking, rarity, whale tracking, drops, and many more to help users discover, purchase, and evaluate valuable NFT assets.

NFTGo.io aims to be the gateway to the NFT ecosystem and prides itself on enabling Web3 data accessible to the masses. Empowered by a high-performing NFT cross-chain data acquisition engine, NFTGo.io delivers real-time on-chain data and professional market insights to make it a seamless experience for everyone who joins the NFT ecosystem. Learn more here.

Does NFTGo have an App?

No, we do not have an App yet.

How can I get the latest news from NFTGo.io?

You can reach out to us via Discord or Telegram. Or you can follow us on social media, including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and YouTube. We also have newsletters where we share data insights and news on a monthly basis - make sure to subscribe via the bottom of our homepage.

How can I invite NFTGo bots to my discord server?

Inviting NFTGo bots to your Discord server is easy peasy. Just follow the instructions from this page.

How to list my NFT project on NFTGo.io?

Please refer to our listing criteria.

Is there any way to access data API?

Yes, we have released our API to the public. Learn how to apply here.

You can check our documentation here.

What is the NFTGo.io data source?

NFTGo.io uses a self-developed stable blockchain data collection engine to obtain the latest on-chain transaction data from the blockchain and parses it into readable NFT transactions and market data.

Can I purchase NFTs on NFTGo.io?

In the near future, we will introduce both the NFT trading aggregator and NFT Swap to help optimize the user experience and improve NFT liquidity.

What is the plan for multi-chain deployment on NFTGo.io?

We are actively reaching out to public blockchain project parties. Currently, we support the Ethereum blockchain. In the next step, we will continue to support mainstream blockchains.

Why are some collections or NFT assets missing on NFTGo.io?

To ensure the data provided by NFTGo.io can truly reflect NFT market trends, as well as help users discover high-quality and reliable project assets, we have set up a standard for NFT projects. Only qualified NFT projects will be listed on NFTGo.io. Check out our listing criteria.

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