What is NFTGo.io?

NFTGo is a leading all-in-one NFT aggregation platform that enables our community to analyze NFT market data and make transactions. NFTGo offers a set of powerful tools and features including real-time NFT Market Analytics, Trading Aggregator, Developers API, Rarity Model, Top Mints, Whale Tracking, Watchlist, Twitter Extension, Drops calendar, and many more to help our community discover, analyze, trade, and track their portfolio. The platform is serving 500+ institutional customers, 1000+ communities, and 1M+ retail users worldwide.

NFTGo aims to be the gateway into the NFT ecosystem and takes pride in making Web3 data accessible to the masses. Empowered by a high-performing data engine, NFTGo has built a strong foundation to deliver the most seamless NFT experience through real-time analytics, alpha insights, and the best trading aggregator.

An overview of our key features and ecosystem products can be found here.

What is NFTGo's Mission

NFTGo aims to be the gateway for users to enter the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space. With the ethos of Web3 being that of accessibility, NFTGo aims to provide the NFT community with a permissionless tool, allowing them to easily access meaningful and accurate NFT data.

NFTGo's mission revolves around empowering our users's NFT journey through:

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • The Best Aggregator
  • Alpha Insights
  • Our Robust API

We look forward to being the go-to destination for users to not only learn about NFTs, but also to discover the space.

Does NFTGo have an App?

As of this current point, NFTGo is based on the web and does not have an app.

The team is looking towards creating an app in the future to improve the user experience and make analytics more easily accessible.

How Can I Get the Latest News from NFTGo?

You can get the latest news from our socials:

You can also subscribe to our newsletter where we share NFT data insights and news on a monthly basis.

How can I Invite NFTGo Bots to My Discord Server?

It is a piece of cake to invite NFTGo bots to your Discord server.

The guide to do so can be found here.

How do I List my NFT Project on NFTGo

The guide to list your NFT project can be found at the Listing Criteria .

How do I Access Data API?

NFTGo's API is open-source.

To learn more about how to access the Data API, you can refer to this guide.

The API documentation can be found here.

What is the NFTGo Data Source?

NFTGo uses a self-developed stable blockchain data collection engine to obtain the latest on-chain transaction data from the blockchain. This data is then parsed into readable NFT market data.

Can I Purchase NFTs on NFTGo?

Users are able to purchase NFTs straight from NFTGo. NFTGo is a trading aggregator that supports the major NFT marketplaces, including that of OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 and Cryptopunks.

With this function available, the user experience is optimized through improved NFT liquidity and lower gas fees. The need to transition from social media platforms (where trends are discovered), to analytics platforms (to analyze projects), and finally to marketplaces (to purchase NFTs) can be done away with when a user uses NFTGo.

Are There Any Plans for Multi-chain Deployment?

Currently, NFTGo supports the Ethereum blockchain and is looking to support more mainstream blockchains in time to come.

Why are Some Collections or NFT Assets Missing on NFTGo?

To ensure that the data provided by NFTGo truly reflects NFT market trends, and help users discover high-quality and reliable collections, a standard has been set up for NFT collections. Only collections that have surpassed the standard will be qualified to be listed on NFTGo.

The listing criteria can be found here.