Chrome Extension

NFTGo's Twitter extension aims to help users analyze NFT collections straight from the NFT collection's Twitter account. In addition, the extension also allows users to analyze individual Twitter accounts, getting insights on these individual's NFT portfolios. This extension aims to serve as a bridge from Web2 (Twitter) to Web3 (On-chain analytics).

Range of Accounts to be Analyzed

There are 2 main kinds of accounts that can be analyzed with the Twitter extension:

(1) NFT Collection Twitter Account

The first would be to analyze a NFT Collection's from its Twitter account. The following key metrics can be seen on the Twitter profile of NFT collections:

  • Number of Holders
  • Number of Blue Chip Holders
  • Number of Whale Holders
  • 24 Hour Sales Volume
  • 24 Hour Sales Volume Rank
  • Market Cap
  • Floor Price (Change in 24 Hours and 7 Days)
    With the above metrics readily available in a NFT Collection's Twitter profile, users will be able to have a rough overview of the collection's strength in terms of number of holders and performance in terms of volume. This removes the need for users to toggle over to an analytics platform for research after discovering a particular NFT collection.

Need to add in a clearer picture once this goes live

Our Twitter extension has also been built to allow users to be able to access more information in a smooth and seamless manner. With the extension installed, a 'Items/Key Activity' tab will be made available on Twitter, as shown above. When users are looking at a particular collection's Twitter account, they will be able to see the NFT items and activities within the collection, as shown below.

(2) Individual Twitter Account

Users are able to gain insights to the NFT portfolio of individual Twitter accounts through these following metrics:

  • Number of NFTs held
  • Portfolio Value
  • PNL
  • Total Spent
  • Number of Blue Chip Holding
  • Specific Blue Chip Collections
    With the above information available, users can analyze the value of the portfolios and track the blue chip holdings.

When users are looking at individual Twitter accounts, they will be able to see the NFTs owned by the particular individual. If users are interested in knowing more about the collections that these individuals hold onto, they can simply click on the 'Collection View' tab. This will give them a more detailed overview of the list of collections. Specifically for each collection, users will be able to see the number of NFTs held, estimated holding value, and overall profits and losses.

Hovercard Sneak-Peak

In order to further improve the user experience, the metrics provided are also available on the Twitter hovercard. This takes away the need for users to click into a profile to analyze the NFT collection or holdings. Users can simply take a look at the hovercard, determine if they are interested in finding out more, and then decide whether to find out more by going into the profile.

Drops Calendar

We put the information of NFTGo drops page on Twitter. With this feature, users can be the first to catch upcoming NFT drops while browsing Twitter. Also, this allows users to refer to both Twitter feeds and NFTGo drops information to determine if they want to mint this collection.


How to install NFTGo Twitter Plug-in?

The extension can be installed from this link.

The above installation method applies for users that are using Chrome Core.

Where can I Report Bugs or Give Feedback?

The extension is in its early stage. We would love to hear from you with regards to any issues you have faced or improvements that you desire through our Discord.

How do I Keep Updated with the Latest Version?

Any updates to the extension will also be updated automatically by Chrome.

Users will not need to manually update the extension.