Site Widgets

What is GoWidgets?

GoWidgets is a suite of off-the-shelf widgets that supports multiple languages, allowing users to visualize real-time data on NFT markets and trends on their website. GoWidgets is designed to help NFT builders provide valuable insights and analytics to their users and community members who want to stay up-to-date on NFT trends and make informed decisions on NFT investments.

What can I do with GoWidgets?

GoWidgets includes a configuration table, component previews, and code display sections.


We now provides Six types of Widgets: Indicator Metrics Dashboard, Floor Price & Volume Charts, Holding Period Distribution Chart, Holding Amount Distribution Chart, Top Holders List and Top Sale List.

Within the Indicator Metrics Dashboard, users can choose to display a multi-metric display widget that shows customizable metrics on NFT markets. Users can search the collection, choose a light or dark theme, the indicator metrics, the preferred language and the layout styles based on their needs.


drop down to customize the indicator metrics

Within the Floor Price & Volume Chart, users can filter based on time ranges from 24 hours, 7 days, to 30 days and filter whether to exclude the wash trade and outliers.


drop down to select time span and default time span

Within the Holding Period Distribution Chart, users can access information on the distribution of holding periods within the selected collection, and can show or hide the legend by simply toggling the 'show legends' button.


Similarly, with the Holding Amount Distribution Chart, users can access information about the distribution of holding amounts within the selected collection.


Within the Top Holder List and Top Sales List, users can customize the attributes based on their needs and filter whether to exclude contract addresses.


drop down to customize the attributes

Users can choose the style, and theme of the widget to match their website's aesthetics and style. Plus, we provide the Auto-Fit mode to automatically adjust the number of columns and make it fit the size of the container.


How to use GoWidgets?

By simply selecting the desired data metrics to include and the desired display format, the code will be automatically generated. With just one click, users can copy and paste the code into the their website to obtain the desired data dashboard.

As the configuration table, component previews, and code display modules are linked, when the users change their configuration, the component preview module should show the latest style/content in real-time and generate usable code.