What is Alert?

NFTGo Alert is a real-time alert system designed to monitor the NFT market.

Select the NFT collection and address you want to monitor, configure your preferred notification channel, and receive highly customized, real-time updates on project data changes.

Feature High-lights:

  • Real-time
  • Multi-Channel
  • Flexible Customization
Demo(1): Receive alert on Telegram

Demo(1): Receive alert on Telegram

Demo(2): Receive alert on Discord

Demo(2): Receive alert on Discord

Why should I use Alert? Who can benefit from using Alert?

Alert enables you to conveniently and swiftly track metric changes in NFT collections and addresses. These are some use cases which may help you better seize the opportunities:

  1. If you want to be notified when there is a significant price change in a specific collection, use Alert to make informed trading decisions.
  2. If you want to receive alerts regarding on-chain activities associated with specific addresses, use Alert to adjust your investment strategy accordingly.
  3. If you want to stay informed about the NFT market in real-time without the need for constant monitoring, use Alert to receive timely notifications.

How to use Alert?

Setting up and using the Alert function is incredibly simple and can be done in just two easy steps: Set Channels and Create Alert.

Here's an introduction to the alert dashboard:

  1. List all the collections and addresses with associated alerts.
  2. List all channels you have.
  3. Click here to start creating a new alert.
  4. List all the alerts you created.

Step 1: Channel Setting

Before creating an Alert, you need to configure your notification channels. These channels will be used to send alert messages. We currently support Telegram (DM & Group Chat), Discord, and Webhook. Channels can be reused, so if you have completed this step previously, you can proceed to the next step.

You will find your channel here once you successfully implemented it!

You will find your channel here once you successfully implemented it!


We support two types of Telegram Alerts: Individual(DM) Alert and Group Alert.

  1. Name your new channel.
  1. Click the button to connect to your Telegram.
  2. If you create a group alert, you will need to select a group and add the bot to it in order to receive notifications.
  1. Once you have successfully connected Telegram, you will see a message like this.
  2. Go back to the website and verify the channel settings.


  1. Name your channel.
  1. Click the button and authorize the access to your Discord.
  1. A pop-up will appear on the website once you successfully connected the Discord
  1. Confirm the channel setting.

If you are encountering errors, please ensure that you meet the following conditions:

  1. You need to be a formal member of the NFTGo Server.
  2. Make sure your personal Discord account settings allow members from the same server to initiate private chats.
  3. Enable DM permission to ensure successful creation of the alert.


Many apps, including Discord, offer the ability to add chat bots to chat channels through Webhooks. A webhook is a tool that facilitates automated communication between different apps and programs by sending and receiving messages or data.

  1. Name your channel
  1. To add the alert bot, copy the webhook URL from the desired app
    If you're using Discord, refer to the quick guide below for finding the webhook URL. Given the popularity of Discord, we have included this guide for your convenience. Some other apps like Slack and Lark also support webhook.
  2. Paste the URL and click 'Test'. If successful, you will receive a test message on the app from which you obtained the URL.
  1. Back to the website and verify the channel settings.

*We only support webhook using http/https protocol

Discord webhook URL guidance:

  1. To create a webhook on Discord, open the desired server and click on the server name located in the top-right corner. From the dropdown list, select "Server Settings".
  1. In the Server Settings, locate "Integrations" and click on "Webhooks" from the menu on the right. This will take you to the server's webhook configuration page.
  1. If you have the necessary permissions to set up webhooks on this server, you can create and manage webhooks for the server on the Webhooks settings page. Below each webhook, click on "Copy Webhook URL" to obtain the link for delivering messages to that webhook. You can then configure the webhook URL in the Alert channel settings.

Step 2: Create New Alert

Two types of alert are supported: NFT collection alert & Wallet address alert.

You will find your alert here once you successfully created it!

You will find your alert here once you successfully created it!

Collection Alert

  1. Select Collection: Choose the NFT collection you wish to track.
  2. Get notified when...: Set a condition, and we will inform you when the condition is met.
  3. Send me to...: Choose the channels where you want to receive the notifications. For instance, if you prefer Telegram and want to be notified through that platform, simply select it.
  4. Alert fire: If the you set it to every 30 minutes, there will be a cooldown period of 30 minutes after each trigger. During this cooldown period, the alert will not be triggered. This helps prevent the system from sending unnecessary or excessive notifications to the you.

If you selects 'Only once', they will receive a single notification according to their specified requirement.

Address Alert

  1. Add Addresses: Search and add the addresses you want to track. You can track up to four addresses simultaneously. Additionally, you can search for a particular collection.
  2. Get notified when: Choose the activity you want to track, now you can even opt to receive notifications when a specific address performs sweeps, lists items, or makes offers.
  3. Send me to: Similar to creating a collection alert, select the desired channel for receiving notifications. For instance, if you frequently use Telegram and prefer to receive updates through that platform, choose Telegram.
  4. Alert fire: Similar to creating a collection alert, if you set it to 15 minutes, they will receive a maximum of one notification every 15 minutes. This ensures that you are not overwhelmed with unnecessary or excessive notifications from the system.

Step 3: Manage Your Alerts

We provide several methods to help you better manage your Alerts:

  1. Enable/Disable alert. Disabled alerts do not occupy your spots.
  2. Edit alert.
  3. Delete alert.
  4. Quick search and filter your alerts.