How to Keep Track of a Collection?

There are multiple aspects of a NFT project that a user has to keep a lookout for. These aspects differ based on whether users are interested in a pre-launch or launched collection. Here are some tips on how to keep track on a collection's progress.

Pre-Launched Collections

For collections that have yet to launch, some key information that users should keep a look out for includes the following

  • Project Details
  • Mint Price
  • Mint Date
  • Collection Size
  • Whitelist Requirements

On NFTGo's Drops page, the bulk of the above information have been provided. A timer is also available to countdown the time left to the collection mint. Given that the NFT market involves people from different regions and are thus living in different timezones, NFTGo has provided a 'calendar' feature that will allow users to add the mint time to their calendar. This makes it a lot more convenient and ensures that users do not miss out on mints they are interested in.

Whitelist requirements are often found in project's Discord and on their Twitter webpage. Understanding that these are important platforms for users, and it is also one of the key areas where users can communicate with the community, NFTGo has included the socials and project's website. Users can now access all the information they require from 1 single website without having to pivot and toggle around different websites.

Launched Collections

Upon the launch of a collection, holders would likely be curious and want to stay updated with the collection's performance.

A full suite of real-time data is available on NFTGo's collection pages. Most importantly, users can keep track of how the collection price changes over time. This will aid holders in making a decision as to whether they wish to hold or sell the NFT.



To have an overview of all these collections that you might be interested in, you can add them to the watchlist. This allows you to keep track of the various collections from a single page. Other than just viewing the important information, such as volume and floor price, users will also be able to have a look at the detailed transactions that are ongoing. To make the experience even more seamless, users will be able to specifically track the whales and blue chip holders from this page.