Address Activity

NFTGo provides users with tools to make their wallet tracking more efficient. This section will introduce address activity, which displays all of the activities that took place for an address and help the user to examine in detail what is happening in a particular address. This feature not only helps users to track their own address activity and review their transaction detail, but also allows users to track the activity of smart money, gain insight into the market, sniff out opportunities, and guide their own trading.

The key metrics shown on the graph activity trends include the number of minting, buying, selling, burning, sending, and receiving. In addition, the activity trend enables the user to select the activities time interval, from 24h to 3 months.


Furthermore, the address activity feed allows users to do various advanced filters, which includes:

  • filter to show activities during a specific time frame
  • filter to show activities that happened in specific marketplaces
  • filter to show activities generated by specific address labels, including Whale, Bluechip Holder, and Twitter Influencer
  • filter to display certain types of activities
  • filter out all wash-trading activities
  • For 'Mint' Activities, some collection creators may mint NFTs to influencers' addresses to take advantage of their impact, which could mislead users. Therefore, NFTGo provides an 'Only mints by Owners' filter to enable users to filter out those 'Mint' activities that are minted to another wallet address.