Drops Calendar


Sourcing for upcoming collections and becoming an early-stage holder has been a tactic employed by some traders to profit from the market. Imagine minting Azuki at 1 ETH, holding it till the peak of 29 ETH, that would have been a 28 ETH profit purely from being early and minting the collection.

Given the huge number of projects being released everyday, it becomes difficult and overwhelming to keep up to track with the project launches. NFTGo has a solution to this.

The Drops Calendar has been created to aggregate all the upcoming NFT drops. All the key metrics are included

  • Collection Name
  • Collection Category (Games, PFP, Collectible, Art etc.)
  • Collection Detail
  • Mint Price
  • Collection Size
  • Launch Date
  • Countdown timer
  • Project's Website
  • Project's Twitter
  • Project's Discord
  • Add to Calendar Function
  • Mint

Feature Advantages

  • Ease of Research

    Given that all the information specific to the project is displayed on this page. This takes away the need for users to source for the project information bon their own, a tedious process.
  • Mint Organization

    With the Add to Calendar function, users can easily manage the upcoming projects they would like to mint. This can be achieved with just a simple click of the calendar icon.
  • Seamless Mint Experience

    Typically with projects, users will have to look out for the official mint link released by the team. There has also been various cases of scams and hacks where users click on fake links, resulting in their wallets being compromised and lost of funds. With NFTGo, the official minting links are readily available on our website and has been verified, reducing the probability of users being subjected to minting scams.

Listing on Drops Calendar

If you would like to be listed on our Drops Calendar, please submit your application here.