Features Overview

Our key features include:

NFT JourneyFeatureDescription
DiscoveryTop CollectionsDiscover the top collections based on: Volume, Floor Price, Sales, Market Cap, Number of Blue Chip Holders, Number of Whales, etc.
DiscoveryTop MintsDiscover collections that have live minting based on: Number of Mints, Number of Notable Minters, Number of Unique Minters, Mint Price, Total Mints, Mint Trend, Sales and FOMO Index, etc.
DiscoveryWhale SignalsDiscover the collections that have the most number of whales buying and minting.
DiscoveryNewly Added CollectionsDiscover collections that have been newly added to NFTGo based on: Market Cap, Volume, Floor Price, Number of Minters, Number of Whale Minters and Total Mint Gas.
DiscoveryDrops CalendarKeep track of upcoming drops and add them to the calendar to not miss out on hot mints!
DiscoveryWatchlistKeep updated by collating interesting collections, addresses and NFTs into an easily accessible watchlist.
AnalyticsMarket Macro AnalyticsGet an overview of the market with information such as Market Sentiment index and proportion of buyers to sellers

Track the performance of Blue Chip Collections within the market, often a reflection of the market health

Observe the Market Cap & Volume of all collections to have a grasp of market performance and activity level

Observe the change in holders and traders over time. Identify periods when the market is more speculative
AnalyticsCollection AnalyticsObserve performance of collection through key metrics: Floor Price, Total Volume, Market Cap, Holders Trends, etc.

Visual representation of the trends and distribution with regards to the NFT holding period

Differentiate and quantify the number of NFTs that have been sold at least once, and those that have never been sold

Quantify the amount of time the NFT was held before being sold
AnalyticsMint AnalyticsKeep track of real-time minting process for collections and status of the OG minters
AnalyticsHolder AnalyticsTrack the number of holders and whales over time
AnalyticsCollection LeaderboardTrack addresses that have the highest profit that has participated in the collection
AnalyticsIndividual NFT AnalyticsOverview of the NFT specific metrics, particularly its price activity
AnalyticsWallet TrackingTrack the whale wallets and most profitable wallets in the space
AnalyticsBlue Chip ExplorationTrack collections that are mature and have consistently shown good traction
AnalyticsLeaderboardRank whale wallets according to Portfolio Value, Profit & Loss, Unrealized Profit, Realized Profit, Total Revenue, Number of Collections, Number of NFTs and Number of Activities

Rank wallets according to Profit & Loss, Unrealized Profit, Realized Profit, Portfolio Value and Total Revenue
AnalyticsWash Trade FilterTrade NFTs safely as our Wash Trade Filter removes suspected wash trade
TradeTrading AggregatorPurchase the cheapest NFTs from various platforms, with both bulk-buy and one-click-buy
TradePro-TradeObserve the number of NFTs listed and listed in floor price < listed price <1.15 * floor price

Breakdown of the NFTs listed according to their floor price
TradeSafe ModePrevent paying unnecessary gas fees from failed transactions and keep transactions safe
TradeSuspicious Item DetectionItems that are banned from trading on OpenSea are tagged for easy identification
TradeFloor SweepingSweep a large number of NFTs Reduce gas fees paid and increase ease of purchasing NFTs
Tracking PortfolioPersonal HomepageCustomization of profile
Tracking PortfolioPortfolio DashboardOverview of portfolio's performance with key metrics: Portfolio Value, Number of Collections, Number of NFTs, Trading & Minting Activities, etc.
Tracking PortfolioNFT CollectionOverview of all NFT holdings
Tracking PortfolioBatch TransferReduce gas fees while transferring up to 100 NFTs in 1 single transaction
Tracking PortfolioBlog FeedUpdate friends and followers of one's thoughts and portfolio changes

Our ecosystem products include:

Ecosystem ProductsDescription
Rarity ModelAccurately determine the rarity of a particular NFT based on the theory of Jaccard Distance
Data APIProvides real-time, stable, user-friendly NFT data access. The data is of the richest data granularity which can be made available for communities, developers, project partners and research institutions
Discord BotObtain the latest updates and track the desired collection metrics through this Discord Bot
Twitter ExtensionA seamless experience where users can conduct primary research on smart wallets and collections, all on Twitter
ResearchStay ahead of the market with NFTGo.io's weekly research, where we aim to provide value to all users, be it newcomers or experienced NFT traders. We have curated content specific to each user base to suit their needs, particularly:
(1) Insights: For seasoned traders
(2) NFT 101: For beginners
(3) Reports: For the broader market