How to analyze the recent trends in the NFT industry?

Unlike traditional industries, the NFT world is constantly changing. Analyzing its recent trends will give you insights into the industry cycle, consumer behavior, and other perspectives, as well as predict future trends. The question is, how can you find relevant data? And what can you get from them? Let's dive in.

1. Macro Market Analysis

First, let's take a macro view of how the market is performing recently. barometer dashboard provides the current market sentiment score and traders' performance. This will give you a general idea of how the market is performing at the moment. Also, the blue chip index shows the market trend under different time frames. Blue Chip collections are reliable and notable collections with good performance, and they take up a large portion of the market cap in the industry. Therefore, their trends usually reflect the overall market performance. You can also learn the market trend from the perspective of market cap and trading volume.

12201220 Barometer

12161216 Blue Chip Index

12161216 Market Cap & Volume

2. Collection Analysis

If you plan to analyze the market based on the collection categories, you can check our category chart that shows 14 types of collections with their market cap, volume, and liquidity. As you can tell from the graph, PFP collections tend to be the major category at the moment. This may be a good topic to analyze. There are also some top collections that are worth analyzing. You can find this info under Top Collections, in which they evaluate top collections based on their market cap, trading volume, and other metrics. This chart also enables you to filter collections based on categories.

12171217 Collection Categories

12201220 Top Collections

3. Consumer Behavior Analysis

Analyzing consumer behavior is also an interesting topic. Our Holders & Traders chart gives you a general idea of the number of holders and traders in the market over a period. If the trends suddenly increase or drop, it probably indicates some big events have happened and influenced consumer behavior. Additionally, our leaderboard shows all addresses in one place and you can pick the metrics to further deep dive.

12181218 Holders & Traders

977977 Profit Leaderboard