How to Find NFTs?

There are a lot of avenues to find NFTs, and it is usually done through social media. However, finding NFTs through social media is a tedious process that requires users to manually scroll through and filter through a long list of projects. To ease the process of looking for new projects, NFTGo has released a myriad of features to aid users in discovering NFT collections.

It should be noted that the following features are all updated real-time, giving users the most updated information at any one point.

Top Collections

In the Top Collections tab, the top collections ranked by 24 hour volume can be found. This is a good metric to find out what are some of the collections that the market is interested in. To aid the users in their research process, key metrics such as that of floor price, market cap, trading volume, number of whales and blue chip holders are also included. If there are particular metrics that users are keen on, such as preferring collections with larger number of whales and blue chip holders, they can immediately click into the collection to do a deeper research.


Hot Mints

This feature is targeted at identifying collections that are being minted. Users are able to find collections that have the most number of mints in the selected time period. To give users a better overview of how well the collection is performing, metrics including that of notable minters, unique minters and FOMO index are included. Should there be a high number of notable minters and unique minters, it sometimes indicates that there is quite significant interest coming from the market, especially influential individuals such as whales and blue chip holders. This is reflective of the potential for the collection to perform well, and users can choose whether they would like to mint. Even if the users do not get to mint, they will be able to look towards purchasing from the secondary market.


Whale Signals

Whales, being one of the most influential players within the NFT market, are a group of individuals that users tend to follow. This is because of 2 reasons:

  1. Whales may sweep the floor, resulting in rise in floor price
  2. Whales are able to attract market's interest, increasing the demand for the collection, leading to increase in floor price

With this feature, users are able to notice both the collections bought and minted by whales. From there, users can determine which of these collections they are interested to research more on.


Newly Added

Given the number of new collections that are being launched each day, NFTGo has created the 'Newly Added' feature to include all the new collections that are listed on NFTGo for the past 7 days. To further ease the process of finding a collection that users wish to buy, key metrics of the collection are also available in this page. This metrics include:

  • Market Cap
  • Volume
  • Floor Price
  • Minters
  • Whale Minters
  • Total Mint Gas

With collections that have higher total mint gas, it sometimes indicates that there is a lot of interest from the market, with a lot of minters, which resulted in the higher mint gas.



Users can also keep a look out for collections that have yet to be minted. The 'Drops' tab is a comprehensive one that includes the following information

  • Project Description
  • Collection Size
  • Mint Price
  • Mint Date

Straight off the bat, users are able to determine whether the mint price is within a range comfortable for them. And they will be able to keep track easily with the upcoming drops.



There are a variety of features users can make use of find new NFTs. A whole range of collections could be found:

  • New Collections
  • Trending Collections

Users can also choose whether they would like to participate in the primary market by minting, or go through the secondary market by purchasing on marketplaces. More on this can be found in the next section 'How to Buy NFTs'.