The leaderboard has 2 key metrics that help users to observe the trading/investing activities of the most profitable players in the NFT market.

1. Leaderboard -Whales

This tab of the leaderboard ranks the whales according to their portfolio value. The following key metrics are also available:

  • PnL (Profit & Loss)
  • Unrealized Profit
  • Realized Profit
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Spent
  • Collections
  • NFTs
  • Activities
  • Last Deal

With these metrics readily available, users can choose to rank the whales according to the metric of their choice. For example, users may rank whales by their activities, allowing them to track the recent activities of the more active whales. This will allow users to identify short term trends and potential trades.


2. Leaderboard -Top Traders

Other than looking at whales, users can also choose to look at the top traders with the greatest profit and loss. Even if these accounts don't have high portfolio values such as that of whales, these are accounts that have made significant trading profit. This could depict their capability in picking up profitable trades within the market, and prove to be a good account to follow for Alpha.


3. Collection Leaderboard


This section looks into the various leading metrics in a collection.

Leaderboard | Profit Leaderboard

This dashboard shows the addresses with the highest profits made. Specific details pertaining to the profits are also shown, including that of:

  • PnL
  • Realized Profit
  • Unrealized Profit
  • Number of NFTs Sold
  • Number of NFTs

Users are able to have a gauge as to where the profits came from, be it from realized profit or unrealized profit.


Leaderboard | Top Buyers & Sellers

Users will be able to track the top buyers and sellers of the collection. Specifically, the volume and quantity of the transaction can also be seen, across different timeframes.