(Old) NFTGo Discord Bot


NFTGo.io Discord Bot enables you to check various metrics and receive alerts on Discord. With its comprehensive data and powerful function, you will be able to find information and make decisions faster. Let's dive in.

NFTGo.io Discord Bot Features

📈Check NFT data on Discord

With our Discord Bot, you can:

  • Check collection metrics (e.g. market cap, volume, floor price)
  • Check address metrics (e.g. holding value, holding collections)
  • Check the NFT rarity
  • Check the current ETH gas price (Datasource: Etherscan)

📢 Receive alerts on Discord

With NFTGo Discord Bot, you can receive the alerts below:

  • Block-Trades-Alert: Alerts on trading info with more than 5ETH.
  • Whale-Trade-Alert: Alerts on whale trading activities.
  • Daily-Drop-Alert: Alerts on daily drops.
  • Top-Mint-15m-Alert: Alerts on a collection with the most mint activities within the past 15 minutes.
  • Whale-Mint-15m-Alert: Alerts on a collection with the most whale mint activities within the past 15 minutes.

The alert function can only be activated by Admin on your Discord server.

How to invite NFTGo.io Discord Bot to Your Server

First of all, please make sure that NFTGo.io Discord Bot can send messages on this channel.

Open this Invite link.

Step 1: Choose your server


Step 2: Toggle all the permissions

Don't worry, we only set the permissions required by the robot.


Step 3: After completing your verification, the robot is successfully invited to the server


Step 4: Use command /help to set up the Bot feed

Only feed features have to be set up.

View all supported slugs via this link.

1250 746

Step 5: Use command /feed-bind to add the alert to the selected channels


Step 6: Choose the channel for broadcasting

(Or you can set up a new channel before making any changes)

1318 1314 1212

Now you have successfully added our Discord Bot to your server! If you have any questions, please feel free to open a ticket on our Discord.


  • Unbind: Use command /feed-unbind to unbind the channel Alert that has been set up.
  • Check feed configuration: Use command /feed-config to check your configuration.


1) Why does NFTGo.io build this Discord Bot?

To enable all the web3 communities to get the latest NFT data anytime and anywhere.

2) Is NFTGo.io Discord Bot free?

Yes, currently it's free.

3) What NFT collections do you collect?

You can find all collections we list on our website here.

5) What blockchains do you support?

We currently support Ethereum (ETH).

6) How to calculate rarity?

We use the Jaccard Distance model to calculate rarities. Read more here.