Introduction of Suspicious Item

What are suspicious items?

Some NFTs are marked as Suspicious Items on The original data source is from OpenSea. Once an item is marked as "suspicious", OpenSea disables its ability to be bought, sold, or transferred via OpenSea to make sure they are complying with legal requirements and protecting users.

Given that OpenSea is a mainstream NFT marketplace, we decided to also flag these suspicious items on our platform to help you identify them easily.

There is another special situation where you will find some NFTs on NFTGo that are listed on OpenSea but are marked as "suspicious". This may be due that these orders were listed before OpenSea marked them as "suspicious". In this case, NFTGo will identify the item and inform the user that it is "suspicious". The user can choose to remove the item or continue with the purchase. If the user chooses to continue the purchase, the user can still purchase successfully, but this item will not be tradeable on OpenSea.