Suspicious Item Detection

What are Suspicious Items?


Certain NFTs on NFTGo are marked as 'Suspicious Items'. The original data source for this markings is derived from OpenSea. Suspicious Items are NFTs that have been disabled on OpenSea to be bought, sold, or transferred. These items are often disabled as they do not comply with legal requirements.

These items are flagged to allow users to easily identify that there is very high risk should they wish to trade on other platforms other than OpenSea. Having these flags also make it a lot more convenient as users do not have to conduct research manually to identify whether the NFT they are interested in is safe.

For NFTs tagged as suspicious, users will still be able to purchase them on NFTGo, given that other marketplaces are supported. However, it should be noted that despite being able to purchase, these items will not be able to be traded on OpenSea itself.