Trading Aggregator

NFTGo has spent a year striving towards building the best possible data analytics platform and has managed to achieve this goal. In our mission to further enhance a user's experience in the NFT market, NFTGo has combined our analytics platform with a marketplace, creating a one-stop NFT solution that provides both NFT data analytics and trading capabilities. This creates a seamless experience for our users, allowing them to discover, analyze and trade all in one place.

Lowest Prices & Lower Gas Fees

By aggregating the major NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, Blur, LooksRare, X2Y2, Sudoswap and CryptoPunks, the lowest listing price of NFTs across all marketplaces can be found, allowing users to get the best price for their NFT purchase.

Seamless NFT Trading Journey

Instead of having to go through the hassle of

  • Finding collections on social media
  • Researching on analytics platform
  • Purchasing on NFT marketplace
    users can now do all of the above on NFTGo. A NFT purchase is that simple when a user uses NFTGo.

NFTs from the collection listed on the multiple marketplaces supported on NFTGo will be displayed on this page. Users will be able to purchase their desired NFT straight from this page. To allow for easy searching of the desired NFT, the traits and rarity are all incorporated within the page itself. Thus, creating a seamless NFT buying process for users.

NFTGo aims to create a smooth experience for the user. When clicking NFT, the relevant information will be displayed in a pop-up window. The user can view the NFT's traits and rarity information without having to navigate to a new page. User can click 'View Details' and will be directed to the NFT detail page to view more.

Buy NFTs Filters

To aid users in buying the NFT of their interest, there are multiple filters available on the 'Buy NFTs' page for users to select from.

Rarity Rank

Users can choose from different rarity models. We have aggregated the mainstream rarity models on the market. Users will be able to look for NFTs based on the rarity range they would like to purchase from, be it the top 1%, 5% or 10%.

Trait Count Filter

Filter NFTs based on the number of traits they have.

Trait Filter

Users can choose the particular traits they want to have in their NFTs.

Listing Sniper

With the listing sniper, users are able to set an order for the particular NFTs they wish to buy. Once a NFT is listed, the system will make the purchase immediately without needing the user to make an offer. This will allow users to purchase their desired collection with ease.

Bulk Buy

With this feature, users will be able to purchase NFTs in bulk while paying just one single gas fee. This will allow users to save significantly on gas fees, since they no longer have to pay a gas fee for every individual NFT bought.

One-click Buy

On conventional analytics platforms, users will often have to switch over to a separate NFT marketplace to purchase the NFTs after they have finished researching. This causes friction in the purchasing process and is inconvenient for users. With the 'One-click Buy' feature, users will be able to purchase straightaway from NFTGo website after completing their research, providing a seamless experience for users.

Shopping Cart

Sidebar Style Shopping Cart

A sidebar shopping cart makes it convenient for users to keep track of the items being added while they are browsing through the website.


The shopping cart will be auto-refreshed every 5 seconds when it is kept open.

Display of NFT Status

Suspicious NFTs or NFTs that are undergoing transactions will be displayed in the shopping cart.

Skipping of Suspicious and NFTs Pending Transactions

Users will be able to choose to skip the purchase of suspicious NFTs and NFTs pending transactions with just one click.

Re-addition of Failed NFT Purchases

The above mentioned NFTs that have been skipped, or NFTs that could not be purchased due to failed transactions can be added back into the cart with one click.

Retrieval of Lowest Priced NFTs (ERC721)

In order to allow for users to get the lowest possible price for the NFT, the listing with a lower price in the same marketplace will be automatically updated. Should there be a lower priced NFT in another marketplace, the user will be prompted with a pop-up window, alerting them.

Bulk Listing (Coming Soon)