Wash Trade Filter

  1. What is wash trading
  • In general, wash trading is defined as a trader providing misleading information to the market by buying or selling NFTs for profit and/or for other purposes (such as to mine activity rewards offered by platforms that encourage platform activities).
  • Under wash trading, many metrics such as historical price and volume can be manipulated, which will not only affect the user's judgment of the market data and trends but also affect the construction and application of NFT financialization and valuation models.
  1. How we recognize wash trading activities on NFTGo.io
  • Through algorithmic analysis, NFTGo.io developed strategies to identify wash trading activities. The strategies involve analyzing the transaction cycles and transaction closed loops.
  1. Wash trading features on NFTGo.io
  • Wash Trade Auto Filter
    • Wash trading activities can affect NFT metrics and rankings. Therefore, we enabled the automatic wash trade filter for the key metrics, including:



Each Collection Page

Market Cap, Volume, Liquidity, Sales, Average Price, Max Price, Min Price, Traders, Buyers, Sellers

Each NFT Page

Average Price, Volume, Sales

Each Address Page

Holding Value, Est. Holding Value, PnL, Buy Volume, Sell Volume, Activities, Bought, Sold, Collection

Market Overview Page

Market Cap, Volume, Traders, Buyers, Sellers, Category by Market Cap, Category by Volume, Category Liquidity, Blue Chip Index

Marketplace Page

Volume, Sale, Trader, Buyer, Seller

  • Wash Trade Manual Filter
    • We created a wash trade filter button for some charts so that you could manually turn it on based on your needs. The charts include:


Chart Name

Top Sales

Top Sales



Each Collection Page - Overview Tab

Top Sales

Each Collection Page - Overview Tab


Each Collection Page - Market Tab

Recent Sales

Each Collection Page - Activity Tab


Each NFT Page

Price History

Each Profile Page - Stats Tab


Each Profile Page - Activity Tab


Whale Tracking Page - Trade Tab

All Charts

Whale Tracking Page - Activity Tab

Whale Activities

Watchlist Page - Collection Tab


Watchlist Page - Collection Tab


Watchlist Page - Address Tab




Wash Trade Filter for each collection on NFTGo.io

  • Wash Trade Tagging
    • You can easily identify wash trading activities tagged for collections, NFTs, and addresses on NFTGo.io. Pages include Collection/Activity, NFT/Activity, Whale/Activity, Profile/Activity, Whales Bought/Sold, Watchlist/Feed.

Wash Trading Tag for each collection on NFTGo.io


Wash Trading Tag for each NFT on NFTGo.io


Wash Trading Tag for each address on NFTGo.io

  • Abnormal Collection Tagging
    • There are other factors (e.g. data errors) of collections that influence the overall ranking and key metrics displayed on NFTGo.io. To ensure the accuracy of the data we provide, we excluded these abnormal collections when calculating key metrics and tagged them on NFTGo.io.

Abnormal Collection Tagging on NFTGo.io

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