How to Buy NFTs?

There are 2 markets in which users can buy NFTs from: (1) Primary Market (2) Secondary Market.

Primary Market: Minting

Once users have identified the projects that they are interested in, as described in the previous section 'How to Find NFTs?', users can decide if they would like to mint the collection. There are a couple of factors that could determine whether a user would like to participate in the primary market:

  • Whitelist: This reduces the chances of users being subjected to gas wars as they are usually allocated a certain timeframe to mint and are already granted the chance to mint. Whitelisted accounts are often granted a lower mint price
  • Confidence in Collection: For users that are confident that the collection will perform well in the long run, they often mint the collection, with hopes that the floor price will increase either immediately or in time to come after the minting has been completed.

Where to Mint?

Minting is done at the collection's website. There are a few ways to reach the website.

  1. Through Discord: By joining the collection's Discord, they will post the official minting website link within their 'Official Links' channel. Note: Nearing to minting periods, there are often many malicious users that might send compromised links into Discord group chat, which could cause users to lose their funds.

  2. Through NFTGo's Drops: Within the Drops Calendar, links that lead to the minting website will be available on the collection summary. Users can simply click on this link to be referred to the minting website.

How to Mint?

  1. Connect Wallet: The appropriate wallet has to first be connected to the website
  2. Click on Mint
  3. Review Summary: Gas fees and total fees will be displayed
  4. Approve & Sign Transaction

Secondary Market

Should users be apprehensive of the collection's potential or if they don't have the qualification to mint, they can wait till the collection has been minted and listed on the secondary market. This will give users the opportunity to track the performance of the collection. Should the traction be good and users wish to buy into the collection, they can do so through secondary markets, meaning to say NFT marketplaces.

Where to Buy NFTs from Secondary Market?

NFTGo serves as a trading aggregator, aggregating the data from different NFT marketplaces, including the major players such as OpenSea, Blur, X2Y2, LooksRare and CryptoPunks. Thus, users can simply search for the collection they desire in NFTGo, and from there, they will be able to directly make their purchases. A NFT purchase can thus be achieved without even having to be diverted to other platforms. More importantly, since NFTGo is a trading aggregator, the data is collated from multiple marketplaces, and the best deal will be offered to the users, in the form of lowest gas fees and best price.

Buying from Pro Trade

With the Pro Trade feature, real time listings are shown. Users can easily identify the newest listings for the collection and purchase from them, while analyzing this collection with various advanced charts.

To know more about the Pro Trade filter, do refer to the specific section on 'Pro-Trade'.