NFT Trading Aggregator aims to be the gateway to the NFT ecosystem. This requires not only to be a data platform but also to be an all-in-one service provider in the NFT world.

With our trading aggregator, you can:

  • Buy NFTs in bulk to save gas fees;
  • Have a seamless journey from analytics to purchase;
  • Find the lowest price for all items in your cart with one click;
  • Automatically detect suspicious items;
  • Purchase in safe mode to avoid wasting gas fees and being attacked.

  1. You can buy multiple NFTs at one time to save gas and sweep NFTs faster.
  1. You can purchase NFTs right after analyzing data on
  1. When purchasing ERC721 NFTs, helps you find the lowest price options for items from your shopping cart.
  1. detects and notifies you of any suspicious items reported by OpenSea in your shopping cart.
  1. Safe Mode integrates with Flashbots and helps protect your transactions from attacks.